Saturday, December 26, 2009

GOALLL! I hit my weight loss goal today Merry Christmas

So I've been sick since Christmas Eve, got stomach flu,the 4th person in my house to get hit this week and on Wednesday weighin I was 2 lbs short for goal and this a.m. I was down 3. so I'm under goal, 144 lbs. the illness helped. that's a total weight loss of 118 lbs. pre/post op surgery loss. the last time I even think I was that weight I was in Junior HS. i still have eating issues with some stuff affecting me bad but I see I can have a little more carbs and sweets once in awhile and that is my goal to stop that nonsense. thats how I screwed up all the other times, a little here and a little there and no damage to scale but then bang it all hits and it's over. now that my system got a jolt, albeit a harsh one I'm gonna take this opportunity to get my butt back on track. i've been up all night with cramping but it's been almost 12 hours without any bathroom visits so I think I'm okay. drinking tea now to see how it goes. gonna stay on tea, water and broth today and even tomorrow if I can to give my system a rest. my son and his gf broke out and started eating regular right away, crazy. i won't risk it. i am thankful though that since I can't eat much there isn't much going in and coming out LOL but it was bad anyway. do any of our nurses know why after the food is out of our tummy our system still keeps vomiting just liquid and air? its so painful and weird. anyway my FB family, I feel better today and the kids and Travis do too, so i hope it doesn't hit anyone else here. my oldest son came home from Sacto on Wednesday night and it hit him lightly on Thursday and yesterday but nothing serious. I finally completed 1 goal in my life and I am praying to God everyday that I can maintain my weight, I get so scared when I hear people gaining even after 1 year of surgery, I know I'm not eating crazy but I don't exercise cause my arthritis in my neck and back is aggravated by exercise, and it's extremely painful. so for me controlling the eating is the main way I have to keep the weight off. I hit goal before the New Year so I'm about to start the year with a new outlook on my health, the main goal to stay fit for life, do some fun stuff and for sure try to treat myself to new clothes (when the governator gives me back my full paycheck). Thank you to everyone who continously give me their support and love I do appreciate it. I hope everyone had a great Christmas with their family and friends. love you all. That's All For Now - Be Blessed In All Your Steps! Stay Strong! Judy

Friday, December 18, 2009

2009 Office Christmas Party

We had our Christmas party on 12/16/2009, really nice time. I'm in charge of the planning and stuff so I'm always happy when everyone enjoys themselves. I was thrilled I could dress up and look pretty decent for the party. Had fun, ate well and felt so much better than last year :) That's All For Now - Be Blessed In All Your Steps! Stay Strong! Judy
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Monday, December 7, 2009

It's my 49th bd today, -113 lbs 4 lbs. from goal

WOW It's my birthday today, 49 years young! I had the honor of attending the Women of Faith as a volunteer this weekend and was totally blessed and made some new friends. One of the highlights of my weekend a WOW moment was on Saturday evening. Nicole C. Mullen, Christian singer, was going to close the evening and I wanted to be where the action is, so I RAN down the arena steps, yep ran. BUT the WOW moment is that I ran back UP the arena steps. When I got to the top I was like OMG I ran up the steps and I can still breathe and I didn't have a heart attack. I actually took a picture of the steps to see how many there were LOL at least 50-70 steps because I was at the top of second level. and if you've been to any arena you know there alot of little steep steps. anyway that was a big WOW moment, I also stood most of Friday and Saturday working the conference and was able to feel okay afterwards. Of course I would never have volunteered if I didn't think I could stand and hustle around without getting tired, but the steps were an extra :) anyway, I gave myself a gift this a.m. by stepping on the scale, had to do it today cause I didn't eat perfectly this weekend being that I was stuck at arena and had to deal with whatever I was fed or could buy. anyway 149!!!! SEE PIC BELOW, I am in the 140's woohoo. 4 lbs from goal. the last time I weighed 146 I was on WW and it was 1991. anything under 146 was when I was in JUNIOR high school. so when I hit goal of 145 it will be the first time since I was about 12 or 13, because I vividly remember (i hv pictures) my 9th grade jr. high graduation and I was probably a size 16 already at 14 years old. I am okay with where I am, I wear a size 8, some 8's are big on me. some folks say enough don't keep losing but come on people, 1st I am not really trying to lose, 2nd I can't help it if I do lose now cause my body will do what it wants. 3rd I haven't reached goal yet. 4th my personal goal was 145 but at 5'3" that's still high. my normal bmi will kick in at 140 so we shall see. I know if I could have PS I could drop at least 5 lbs of all this fat but oh well don't think that will happen. For sure, it's been a rough challenging year, health wise and every single other thing too. still having some health issues but doing well. getting ready for grandbaby #3 next month. never thought I'd be grandmother 3x's over at my age but "the best laid plans..." I truly thought it was my turn now, all kids grown adults but God had other plans for me. It's been a really bad year with the pay cut and stuff, things are going downhill fast and I can't stop it but the days go by and we can't stop them either. I am praying that next year is better, that by the time I hit the big 5-0, I can say things are finally stable and I can have a happier life until the end. today is a day like any other, no big hurrah, I do appreciate all the birthday wishes and I am grateful that all of you are here, you do make a difference in my life. Be truly blessed for each day is not promised! That's All For Now - Be Blessed In All Your Steps! Stay Strong! Judy