Wednesday, October 14, 2009

15 MONTHS OUT - Honeymoon period still going?

WOW 1 month ago I posted and I had actually gained 3 lbs and didn't know how that happened, well it's been going down hill from there. I somehow managed to drop 9 lbs. from that point, 5 lbs in last week. that hasn't happened since surgery! I am now 151 lbs and 6 lbs away from my goal. I am in a perfect size 8 jeans (finally got some new ones) and except for this cold, sinus, neck arthritis I feel pretty good. My back has calmed down tremendously since I got the cortisone/steroid injection, the procedure wasn't nice, painful and stressful but wow it worked. I feel so so much better. I was in debilitating agony with back/hip/groin pain, now it only hurts if I overdo it and it only hurts not agony, so I'm thankful for that. I've had a stupid cold for 3 weeks and just when I think it's almost gone, now I have a sore throat and having issues swallowing, for heavens sake that annoys me. whenever I get a cold I feel like a child, like why do adults get dumb colds. I have sinus/allergy issues so usually I do have a runny nose and sinus headache but this is just dumb, blowing my nose, runny nose, earache, now sore throat, it's useless. My 2 grandbabies are sick AGAIN, and my daughter, we keep passing it around the house.Well work is good, I love my job, I am blessed with a great work environment, awesome boss and a pretty good staff. of course the governor cutting our salary by 15% is a downer but we try to encourage each other. we remodeled the office during the past 3 months so we have new paint on walls and new carpeting, looks awesome and a new phone system is getting installed this week. Makes you wonder where is the "budget crisis" if we are getting all this nice fancy new stuff. what we spent on this stuff could cover my 15% paycut for 2009. it is unbelievable the amount we pay for rent too, we are in a private building not a State building so we pay a pretty penny but we love the building it's nice, safe, clean and in a great location in San Francisco's financial district, can't beat it. we have it all right outside our door so it's a nice area to work in and at least we have that. we are all praying that our furlough/pay cut is eliminated in June 2010 as promised, if not sooner. The stress I am having because of the pay cut is driving me insane. Oh my labs are sad again, waiting on my surgeon to get back to me about what we are going to do, some labs went up but still some low, my ferritin is horrible! my Vitamin D finally went up not alot but I think alot better. As my weight keeps dropping it may all get worse but I hope not. I am in SHOCK that I am dropping so much weight at this point but I am thrilled to death that I am so close to goal. I got on scale couldn't believe it and jumped back on to make sure. i am still in shock that i dropped 5 lbs in a week. hopefully the momentum will continue so I can lose the 6 lbs get to goal and then work on maintenance although to get to "the" goal I should be for my height I have to drop some more but when I make it to 145 I will be grateful and satisfied that I worked for a goal and succeeded. so that's all for now. take care and God bless each and everyone of you trying to get to your goals! That's All For Now - Be Blessed In All Your Steps! Stay Strong! Judy