Monday, February 23, 2009

FEBRUARY 23 -88 lbs. 7 mos. post op

So today I am 7 months out. As of weigh in this a.m. I am down 88 lbs. 34 pre and 54 post. That's 4 lbs. less than 1 month ago. it's gone slow that's for sure. I try not to think of it too much or I get very let down about it. I am still having pain, couldn't sleep last night because I was uncomfortable. I emailed Kaiser yesterday but nothing yet. Had lunch, overate so was uncomfortable and got some pain but nothing major, I don't think it's gallbladder because it doesn't go nuts after I eat. the Pain is more all the time kind of pain, my chest wall seems to hurt too. the pain can get very intense and bad but if I move, massage and try to move the pain away it gets better, so who knows. Up until this odd pain started I have felt pretty good. It's hard to stay on track but have to do it. I had a piece of brownie yesterday, didn't hurt me or make me dump, of course if I had dared to eat more I would have been sorry but I don't do that. If I have a little piece of something sweet that's it cause otherwise I will get sick and why should I do that when I know darn well that my new system doesn't like sugar. anyway here is a new pic of me, taken today and a before/after pic.
That's All For Now - Be Blessed In All Your Steps! Stay Strong! Judy

Sunday, February 15, 2009

February 18 -87 LBS. Weigh Day

2-15-09 well down to 175 lbs. today. I've been struggling with the same couple of pounds for a couple of weeks. very frustrating, as many of you know very well, but it moves eventually. of course it would move way more if I actually moved my butt more, I've actually been home since last Monday after work. tuesday and wednesday my neck arthritis was aggravated and I had been suffering with that pain in my neck and the headache is causes for a few days and then it finally got too much and i stayed home from work on tuesday and wednesday. Thursday was a holiday, friday I had vacation day and then it's a long weekend. this tuesday coming up brittany is having her 4 wisdom teeth yanked so I'm staying home to watch Bella. so i won't be back to work until wednesday. so i've been sitting at home since tuesday, haven't gone out, been eating okay. the food supply is kind of low so I've been eating what I can. yesterday I had some white rice with 1 egg and suddenly was in pain and had to make a few runs to the b/r. then later on in the night i had like this heat rush and heart palpitations and just felt shakey don't know why. i've been having some weird pains in my stomach, and right area so i'm not sure what's happening but i'm just keeping an eye on it for now before i call the doc. a few minutes ago I was cleaning the floor, bending down wiping the tile and when I got up my chest is in agony, I guess I pulled something inside but now i'm sitting here in pain. the pain is behind my chest wall must be a muscle gone wrong so we shall see. the weather is so crappy, it's been raining all week and will continue to rain for the following week. it's rain season so no big surprise. i think that is what is aggravating my neck arthritis which of course inflames my neck and causes the headaches. so I've been pretty miserable for the past week. apparently the news is reporting that the stupid governor has come to some sort of agreement with the union about cutting the furlough days down to 1 instead of 2, and we lose 2 holidays but get 2 floating holidays. very odd negotations but oh well. this may mean that instead of an almost 10% pay cut we will get an almost 5% paycut which is course is much easier to handle but still stressing me out. i think the stress is causing me the added stomach pains and added neck pains. and my not eating properly, all of it sucks right now. i reupped my eharmony script to see if anything happens in that area of my life so at least I have someone to hang out with sometimes instead of always being home stressing with all these kids here all the time I get pretty tired of not having a life of my own but that comes with the territory I love my kids and I now have 2 grandbabies to love and they all need help so for now I deal with it. still would be nice to have a "buddy" to hang out with and chill. on a nice front mariaelena called today and we have an appt. set up to pick out our bridesmaids dresses, so so odd to be a bridesmaid at my age but okay, exciting. soooo glad i'm somewhat slimmer, i'm hoping I can lose another 20 lbs by wedding day which is May 30th that gives me 3 months to drop some more weight. we are wearing teal and I hope silver sandals. melina said she'd help me pay for my outfit cause obviously I can't afford it. anyway that's the update for now :) Be blessed in all you do. Update 2-18-09 so it's weigh day today, i "officially" weigh in on Wednesdays, so lost 3 lbs. this week. pretty good so far have lost 4 lbs in february. March 7 I have to go pick out my bridesmaid dress and i'm hoping to be down another 6-10 lbs. and hopefully by the time the wedding comes around on May 30th I'll be down 20 lbs from what I am now, that would be real close to my goal of 145 which is the high weight for my height but last time I got as low as 146 i looked really thin and was wearing 8's and big 6's so i think that's good enough. of course my body may decide i need to be healthier and allow my body to keep dropping weight so we shall see. i've been eating crackers this week so that isn't too cool but not too bad. have to cut it back down cause my body does better without the carbs. i think it's the lack of food at home that has me eating whatever I can and crackers are inexpensive and something I can get in a bigger size for the entire family. we ran out of rice so that won't be an issue :) also no more potatos so can't make those. and we've been out of bread for awhile so haven't had that. should be doing mainly proteins anyway. my neck/headache felt quite a bit better today, have a little headache now but it's this darn cold weather. my chest hurt a little this a.m. but it's not so bad as it was doing. it's really a struggle to deal with this weight issue and still have so many aches and pains that keep me from doing more things. i do feel better don't get me wrong but sometimes i feel frustrated cause i don't feel 100% - been taking my vitamins and the extra d prescription dr. gave me still have a few weeks to take that pill and i hope it helps. in May I have to redo my labs to see if the extra vitamins helped up my deficiencies. we shall see. i do look thinner and folks make comments but I am so flabby, lord without jeans things are flying all over. not a pretty site. okay well that's all for now. "I strive for progress, not perfection" (Carnie Wilson) That's All For Now - Be Blessed In All Your Steps! Stay Strong! Judy