Monday, December 7, 2009

It's my 49th bd today, -113 lbs 4 lbs. from goal

WOW It's my birthday today, 49 years young! I had the honor of attending the Women of Faith as a volunteer this weekend and was totally blessed and made some new friends. One of the highlights of my weekend a WOW moment was on Saturday evening. Nicole C. Mullen, Christian singer, was going to close the evening and I wanted to be where the action is, so I RAN down the arena steps, yep ran. BUT the WOW moment is that I ran back UP the arena steps. When I got to the top I was like OMG I ran up the steps and I can still breathe and I didn't have a heart attack. I actually took a picture of the steps to see how many there were LOL at least 50-70 steps because I was at the top of second level. and if you've been to any arena you know there alot of little steep steps. anyway that was a big WOW moment, I also stood most of Friday and Saturday working the conference and was able to feel okay afterwards. Of course I would never have volunteered if I didn't think I could stand and hustle around without getting tired, but the steps were an extra :) anyway, I gave myself a gift this a.m. by stepping on the scale, had to do it today cause I didn't eat perfectly this weekend being that I was stuck at arena and had to deal with whatever I was fed or could buy. anyway 149!!!! SEE PIC BELOW, I am in the 140's woohoo. 4 lbs from goal. the last time I weighed 146 I was on WW and it was 1991. anything under 146 was when I was in JUNIOR high school. so when I hit goal of 145 it will be the first time since I was about 12 or 13, because I vividly remember (i hv pictures) my 9th grade jr. high graduation and I was probably a size 16 already at 14 years old. I am okay with where I am, I wear a size 8, some 8's are big on me. some folks say enough don't keep losing but come on people, 1st I am not really trying to lose, 2nd I can't help it if I do lose now cause my body will do what it wants. 3rd I haven't reached goal yet. 4th my personal goal was 145 but at 5'3" that's still high. my normal bmi will kick in at 140 so we shall see. I know if I could have PS I could drop at least 5 lbs of all this fat but oh well don't think that will happen. For sure, it's been a rough challenging year, health wise and every single other thing too. still having some health issues but doing well. getting ready for grandbaby #3 next month. never thought I'd be grandmother 3x's over at my age but "the best laid plans..." I truly thought it was my turn now, all kids grown adults but God had other plans for me. It's been a really bad year with the pay cut and stuff, things are going downhill fast and I can't stop it but the days go by and we can't stop them either. I am praying that next year is better, that by the time I hit the big 5-0, I can say things are finally stable and I can have a happier life until the end. today is a day like any other, no big hurrah, I do appreciate all the birthday wishes and I am grateful that all of you are here, you do make a difference in my life. Be truly blessed for each day is not promised! That's All For Now - Be Blessed In All Your Steps! Stay Strong! Judy

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