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MAY 23 - 10 MOS POST OP - 94 lbs.
So yesterday was my 10 mos. surgiversary.NO PIC this month, swollen from gb surgery. total for pre and post op is -94 lbs. post op is 60 lbs. still going slow but this last month I lost 5 lbs. but it took 3 months to lose 10 lbs. boy that just is going so slow. So I had my gallbladder yanked out on Wednesday 5/20. that morning I weighed myself and I was 168 WOOHOO, I weighed again the next day, day after surgery and of course I was up to 171 +3 lbs. but I knew that could happen because of the iv fluids. so I wasn't concerned. Yesterday I weighed again and it was gone, I was back to 168 I am so happy that is the firm number for now. That's what I'm keeping! so my pain level is way better together, actually got to cough today! if you've ever had abdominal surgery you know exactly what I mean, you don't cough for days LOL you just kind of sorta try to but can't so you choke LOL but today pain practically gone so I was able to cough for real aahh relief. so I got 4 new holes around where the wls scars are, so now 10 scars, man! they are from middle of belly running to right side. one big one right in the middle in the top which is bruised pretty ugly and painful but way better today on day 4 post op. so gloomy weather Sunday, quiet house. ttyl
MAY 20 Surgery Day- UGH!
so it's a good day, bad day. I am finally going to get rid of this pain , albeit will have another pain for a few days , today I am having my gallbladder removed, I am feeling scared and nervous . I realized last night this was the first time I was having non-elective surgery since I was 15 years old when I had my tonsils removed first time I have a surgery cause something is wrong so it's a little nerve wracking. I had to get up before 5:00 am to eat something, since my surgery is at 1:45pm I was allowed to eat this a.m. because it still gives me 9 hrs before surgery for anesthesia purposes. But since I digest so quickly and don't eat a whole lot anyway it will be way gone before I hit the hospital :) so this is my last post for probably a couple of days depending on how I feel. I will be home tonight. yep in and out, it's like drive through surgery. doesn't seem safe at all but hospitals don't want the cost of overnight stays.
MAY 17 - 3 days til it's out!
So I had my pre-op on Friday, dr. talked to me, explained what was happening with my gallbladder. no explanation as to why my gallbladder went downhill so quickly. 1 year ago my gb was ejecting bile at 65% which is normal, now it's ejecting at %14. not good. pretty much not doing anything but swelling and causing me pain. so out it comes. surgery is Wednesday at 2:00 pm. I have to check in at noon and if all goes well I should be home around 7pm or so. she's gonna do some other type of test while she's in there, she's gonna check the ducts that will remain after she removes my gb to make sure there are no grains hiding in the ducts that could continue to cause me pain even after the gb is out. I will be off work until June 1, so I'll only miss 7 days work since the 25th is a holiday. i was going to take the 29th off anyway cause it's the day before the wedding and I need to go take care of my beautification or at least try. i still need that strapless bra and I'm stressing about it. the kids are oblivious about the surgery, I guess when you don't spend the night it doesn't seem major. melina wanted to take me at 6 (when we thought surgery was early) and leave me there and go to dentist and run errands. that really hurt my feelings cause I don't want to be in surgery and not have someone there, especially when I wake up. now I have to be there at 12, so no clue if anyone has time to take me. and pick me up. joel asked me if I wanted him here for surgery but I told him no cause he needs to get himself together over there. melina has been in her own world with her friends and now new bf and is never home. so josh is pretty much alone here now and he's bored and lonely I hope it doesn't lead to him having problems again. anyway i'll be home for a few days after the surgery. so i'll check in probably thursday, the day after surgery! see ya!
So the gallbladder has got to go. Finally answers to my pain, I just say get it out. sucks that another surgery within 10 mos. but I can't stay like this. Dr. emailed me today and told me normal gb function is 35-75%, mine is at 14%. last year when I had the HIDA Scan done it was at 65% which was normal. so dropped down pretty quick. so preop tomorrow and surgery is on Wednesday 5/20, NEXT WEEK! lord that's quick. but I'm gonna do it cause who knows when next date is available. I don't want to be in pain all the time. I have to be in a wedding on the 30th but I expect I should be able to move around by then. I pretty much was mobile 10 days after gastric bypass, so I should be okay. so here we go back to the OR!
and that's just fine yep finally got down to overweight status. hit 169 this a.m. and that makes my bmi 29.9 down from 46.4 (extremely obese). it also means the scale has decided to move out of the 170's. i have been stuck at 171-173 since March 18, very frustrating up down up down. I'm hoping when the gb issue gets fixed I can eat better and my weight will start going down. so my pain saga continues, the latest update is I went on Monday for a Hida Scan of my liver/gallbladder to see if they are functioning whacky and that is what is causing my continuing pain. so Dr. O'B emailed me yesterday and said there does seem to be a problem with my gb. she's referring it back to my original surgeon Dr. Chu. I just emailed her to light a fire under her to see what is the problem and what can we do to fix it cause I now feel more uncomfortable cause I think the chemicals that contracted my gb made it worse! my back hurts big time now. anyway, now it's a hurry up and wait. knowing the Kaiser system I will probably be in pain for a couple of more months until they schedule me for surgery, if that is what they decide to do. we shall see!
MAY 2, 2009 Meet & Greet
so on Saturday 05/02/09 I had the pleasure of going to lunch at Chevy's in Pleasant Hill, I got to meet some great folks from the California message board. I enjoyed the lunch, meeting the fellow surgery soulmates and we exchanged clothes, that was . 2 people stood out to me cause of their bubbly personality, Jenn, who is navy mom of 5, I loved her outgoing spirit and Rachel, she was just so sweet, she's preop and I hopefully can help her on her journey. Barb was awesome too and Leslie who sat next to me but was playing mommy to Jenn's angels. she took her 5 kids and OMG they behaved so well. when I heard she was bringing them I thought Oh Lord, please I want a peaceful lunch but nope they were very good. sweet, really nice kids. so that was good and the next 1 is set for June 27th and I kept thinking that date sounds familiar whats on my calendar, well i got home and noted that our family Discovery Kingdom day is on that day darn it! have to figure it out. I want to do both but can't. I wanted to do DK on 27th cause thats when the union has their family picnic day and we can get tickets to the park and a meal for a cheap price. but we may have to go another day. we shall say. on my weight loss journey, I joined gym last week. Planet Fitness. went 2x last week and I'm planning on going tonight. I don't think I'll go every day cause then I'll get bored but I will see. the wedding is coming close and I need to fit better in my bridesmaid dress. it fits but its snug and I think I need to breathe so time goes on my weight dropped a little but still pretty much stalled. i know I need to eat better it's just so difficult for me to eat right, I am also going through depression now. I just feel so down and out about everything and I don't see too much yippee in hurray. I don't have a life and I need to find one. anyway back to work now it's almost time to go.
That's All For Now - Be Blessed In All Your Steps! Stay Strong! Judy

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