Wednesday, March 18, 2009

March 18 -89 lbs. slow progress

So I am now almost 8 months post op and the scale is still moving but so slowly, in 6 weeks I've lost 6 lbs. even though I must say it seems like it's never moving but it is just slow. I was stuck for the past 3-4 weeks and even went up 1 lb. for the first time since surgery, but lost 2 lbs this past week so now I got to kick it up and keep it going down. I'm gonna be a bridemaid in May and I just fit in the size 12 dress I have to wear but I need to lost 5-10 lbs. to be a bit more comfortable in it. (see pic)
So I went to Florida the first week of March, my sis invited me on her vacation, I got 3 days notice! but I had a great time, got a tan, had my hair done (colored, highlighted and cut) and just got a break. sat on beach for a few days, some days were too cold to go on beach but I had fun. i'll post pics.
I am still having stomach pains, gallbladder ultrasound was normal so I don't know. going back to surgeon tomorrow. i really dont' feel well and I hope they fix it cause I don't want anything going wrong now after being okay for 8 months. anyway drama at home, my son and his gf broke up, so gf and my grandson moved out and I just miss my lil boy so much, I think that's wearing on me too. making me sad. i saw him yesterday but he was distant and only wanted his daddy. he's walking now and is so cute I sure am upset that I'll be missing his daily life after being with him for 11 months of his life. now him and my granddaughter are dividing their time between parents, it truly truly sucks!anyway, next week is my 8 months post op, I'll post again.
That's All For Now - Be Blessed In All Your Steps! Stay Strong! Judy

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