Monday, March 30, 2009

March 30 - 5 Day Pouch Test

MY NEW BUDDY, TEDDY P So I need my weight to move.. just move. I finally saw it go down to 171, and then swing back up to 173, sometimes 172. It's so annoying. Anyway a few girls on the group decided to do the 5dpt and I figured what the heck let me try and get ahead of the carb monster and maybe boost my weight. So yesterday was day 1, and it was hard not to be able to eat solid food. I messed up by having some pizza crust but other than that all i did was water, protein shake, soup, juice, yogurt, pudding, jello and coffee and that was it. obviously I was very hungry all day, having not eaten solids since Saturday night. It is now Monday afternoon and so far i've had 2 cups of coffee, a soup at hand, water, sf pudding no protein so far today. later this afternoon I will have some avocado and 1 string cheese and that's it. then some more soup for dinner. luckily tomorrow I get to add foods (tuna, eggs, salmon, and tilapia) all things I like and can survive on and I am allowed to eat it all I want, well as long as 1 cup or 4-6 ozs and I have to eat it in 15 mins. tops. I usually eat pretty quick but with "real" food I sometimes have to eat slow cause I get full quick, which is the entire point of doing this 5dpt to get your pouch to remember that full tight feeling from the first time after surgery. believe me I do still have that tight feeling, a few days ago I ate a piece of pizza too fast and I was in agony, it was really bad, I felt like the pizza was in a whole piece and it was tearing my pouch. whew, had to lay down and massage my pouch to try and get some relief, I couldn't even throw up. won't do that anymore. so I am off today cause since tomorrow is holiday I decided to make it a 4 day weekend. I'm sitting here browsing the before/after pics and reading stories, it gives me inspiration and ideas too. my little doggie is sitting with me, boy can he sleep. anyay soon I'll have a snack of liquid heaven and then take a nap. then later on I'll take Teddy for a walk. TTFN That's All For Now - Be Blessed In All Your Steps! Stay Strong! Judy

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